New Arrival! HumminGuru 7-inch Inner and Outer Record Sleeves

New Arrival! HumminGuru 7-inch Inner and Outer Record Sleeves

Behold our latest offerings! Due to popular demand, we proudly present the HumminGuru OUTER and INNER sleeves designed specifically for 7-inch vinyl records.

The HumminGuru 7" Protective Outer Record Sleeves are meticulously crafted from 3 MIL (0.075mm thickness) polypropylene, providing a high-density shield that resists clouding and ensures exceptional protection against dust, scratches, and blemishes. With crystal-clear transparency and a seamless edge design, these sleeves offer a clear view of your album covers and spines. Measuring 7.5" x 7.5" (19 x 19 cm), they are the perfect fit for your 7" LPs. 

HumminGuru 7" Outer Sleeves

For safeguarding your 7" records from dust, dirt, and static, we present the HumminGuru 7" Anti-Static Inner Record Sleeves. Constructed from high-quality HDPE material, these sleeves feature a thickness of 1.5 MIL (0.04mm) and a round-bottom design, ensuring comprehensive protection.

HumminGuru 7" Inner Sleeves

With a 50-pack of inner and outer sleeves, this exceptional value will cater to vinyl enthusiasts dedicated to maintaining their collection in impeccable condition. Rest assured that your 7" LPs will be shielded by the finest sleeves available! 

They are now available for sale on our website at and we ship worldwide!