HumminGuru I-Brush Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

Humminguru I-Brush

The HumminGuru I-Brush revolutionizes record cleaning with its innovative design and functionality. With the use of the non-alcoholic record cleaning fluid, this is a must-have Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit for all record lovers, whether for a quick, gentle pre-clean to remove microdust, static, dirt & grime before record playing or for preparing records for a deep clean in an ultrasonic bath.


  1. Safe for use on LP/EP records.
  2. Ultra-soft velvet brush with dual pads for separate wetting and drying functions.
  3. The unqiue fluid filler design enables optimal and even absorption of non-alcoholic cleaning solution onto the brush pad. The filler line has precise cleaning fluid amount. Simply press the pad for quick, even absorption. No spraying needed!
  4. Easy-grip handle design.
  5. Brush holder for air drying and storage. Includes wiper for dust removal and pads cleaning.
  6. Including a dropper bottle with anti-statics alcoholic-free vinyl record cleaning fluid to dissolve fingerprints, dirt, and grime safely and efficiently.

Featuring ultra-velvet dual pads for separate wetting and drying, the I-Brush ensures minimal risk of cross-contamination. One of the velvet pads (orange) is dedicated to wetting. This pad is designed to absorb and hold the cleaning fluid, allowing it to be evenly distributed across the record surface. It ensures thorough coverage and effective removal of dirt, dust, grime, and fingerprints. The other velvet pad (blue) is dedicated to drying. After the wetting pad has been used to clean the record, the drying pad comes into play to absorb any remaining moisture or cleaning residue, leaving the record dry and ready for playback.

HumminGuru I-Brush

It also eliminates the hassle of spraying by incorporating a filler line on the brush holder that maintains the precise amount of cleaning fluid needed. Users can easily dip the pad for quick and even absorption, preventing excess fluid from being applied. This thoughtful design allows for optimal absorption and even distribution of the fluid on the brush pad, resulting in a more efficient and safe record cleaning.

In addition, the I-Brush holder serves for air drying and storage while the built-in wiper makes it convenient for dust removal and pad cleaning. Experience the HumminGuru I-Brush and discover a new level of record maintenance that is efficient, effective, and user-friendly. Let the I-Brush lead the way to hassle-free record maintenance. 

How to use: 

Step 1:

The anti-static non-alcoholic vinyl record cleaning fluid is designed for use with the HumminGuru I-Brush. Using the dropper, extract and evenly dispense the record cleaning fluid into the filler line in the middle of the brush holder.

HumminGuru I-Brush

Step 2:

Press the I-Brush wetting pad (orange) against the filler line to allow it to absorb the fluid completely, forming a visible line. *Due to the fabric’s newness, the wetting pad may have slower liquid absorption during the initial use. To enhance absorption, firmly press the I-Brush onto the filler line for at least 10 seconds.

HumminGuru I-Brush

Step 3:

Gently wipe around the record in concentric circles, in lines with the grooves, and then use the I-Brush drying pad (blue) to remove any excess fluid. Air dry the record completely before playing.

HumminGuru I-Brush

Step 4:

After use, brush the pad against the wiper to remove any accumulated dust and dirt. Rinse the I-Brush with water and dry the handle with a clean cloth. Place the pads upward on the brush holder and let them air dry completely before storage or for the next use. *Allow the record air dry completely before playing. 

HumminGuru I-Brush

The Kit includes
I. HumminGuru I-Brush
II. Brush Holder
III. Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid (50 ML)