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HumminGuru I-Brush Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

HumminGuru I-Brush Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

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Efficient | Effective | User-Friendly

The HumminGuru I-Brush, with the use of the non-alcoholic record cleaning fluid, is a must-have kit for all record lovers, whether for a quick, gentle pre-clean to remove microdust, static, dirt & grime before record playing or for preparing records for a deep clean in an ultrasonic bath. Featuring ultra-velvet dual pads for separate wetting and drying, the I-Brush ensures minimal risk of cross-contamination. It also eliminates the hassle of spraying by incorporating a filler line on the brush holder that maintains the precise amount of cleaning fluid needed. This thoughtful design allows for optimal absorption and even distribution of the fluid on the brush pad, resulting in a more efficient and safe record cleaning. The brush holder serves for air drying and storage while the built-in wiper makes it convenient for dust removal and pad cleaning. Let the I-Brush lead the way to hassle-free record maintenance!


  • LP/EP record safe.
  • Dual-function velvet brush pads.
  • Alcohol-free cleaning fluid included.
  • Hassle-free fluid filler design for optimal absorption.
  • Easy-grip handle.
  • Convenient brush holder with wiper.

Inside the Package

  • HumminGuru I-Brush
  • Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid ( 50ml )
  • Brush holder  


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