HumminGuru VinylShield

HumminGuru Vinyl Shield

The HumminGuru VinylShield is a set of record accessories meticulously designed and crafted to protect your precious vinyl records. The set includes a 12" Album Jacket, 12" Protective Outer Record Sleeves, and 12" Anti-Static Inner Record Sleeves. Each component is specifically tailored to provide optimal protection for your valuable vinyl collection.  

"How much does this vinyl record mean to you?"
"How much care has been devoted to its preservation?"
"How frequently has it graced your turntable?"

These questions often arise as we embrace the tangible beauty of music. With the HumminGuru Album Jacket, these queries find their rightful place, neatly organized and readily accessible. With the HumminGuru VinylShield set, you can have peace of mind knowing that your records are well organized and safeguarded, ensuring their longevity and preserving their exceptional quality.

HumminGuru is committed to providing our vibrant vinyl community with a convinent and practical method to document, cherish, and pass down the cherished ritual of vinyl appreciation for generations to come.

 HumminGuru VinylShield Prices

How to Use the HumminGuru VinylShield set? Here is a recommended way!

Step 1:

Start by selecting a vinyl record from your collection that you wish to document and gather the album cover, vinyl disc, and the HumminGuru Album Jacket!

HumminGuru Album Jacket

Step 2:

Begin by writing down the record’s key information including the artist name, album title, release year, genre, and any addition notes you’d like to include. Additionally, document the condition of the record and the album cover using the provided standardized scale.

HumminGuru Album Jacket

Step 3: 

At the bottom of the album jacket, you will find a special space reserved for capturing your memories, emotions, and unique stories behind the record. You can write about how you discovered the record or any anecdotes that make it special to you. Wether it is a rare find, the first record received from a loved one, records sought from a second-hand market, or discovered during meaningful moments in life. Imagine sharing the album jacket with loved ones, allowing them to connect with the music and understand the significance it holds in your life. It becomes a tangible piece of your personal history that can be treasured for years to come.


HumminGuru Album Jacket

Step 4: 

We recommend giving your record a thorough cleaning using the HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner or any other preferred cleaning method of your choice before placing it into a new inner record sleeve or playing it on your turntable.


HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

Step 5:

Then, record the cleaning date on the album jacket's cleaning log to track the care given to the record. It offers space for up to 90 cleaning sessions, showcasing your dedication and devotion to maintaining the record's quality.


Step 6:

Each time you play the record, record the date of record playing on the back of the album jacket, with space for up to 300 entries. This visual record showcases the number of times the record has been played since you acquired it.


Step 7:

After record cleaning or playing, insert the record into the round-bottom HumminGuru 12" Anti-Static Inner Record Sleeve. These acid-free sleeves are crafted from high-density Polyethylene HDPE with a thickness of 1.5 MIL/0.04mm for good protection for the record. (Record Size Tolerance: ±5mm)*

Or, upgrade the protection with HumminGuru 12" Premium Inner Record SleeveThese rice paper-lined Master sleeves deliver the ultimate protection with 3+1 layers, including 3 layers of 30-micron HDPE and a layer of archival rice paper. Crafted from heavy-duty 7 MIL high-density Polyethylene, these master sleeves provide a superior barrier against dust, dirt, and static. 

Step 8:

Then, insert the inner sleeve into the HumminGuru Album Jacket.


Step 9:

Finally, HumminGuru suggests using sealed sleeves to preserve the album cover for the long term. Place the HumminGuru Album Jacket and sealed album cover together, then slide them into the HumminGuru 12" Protective Outer Record Sleeves. These acid-free sleeves are made from heavy-duty 3 MIL polypropylene (HDPP), a high-density material that won't easily cloud and provides a superior layer of protection against dust, scratches, and blemishes. The sleeves are crystal clear and the seamless design enables a clear view of your album covers and spines. Measuring 12.75” x 12.75” (32.5 x 32.5 cm), they fit Single and Double LPs perfectly.  


The HumminGuru Outer and Inner sleeves for 7-inch LPs are also available now! The HumminGuru 7" Protective Outer Record Sleeves is 3 MIL (0.075mm thickness) polypropylene, providing a high-density shield that resists clouding and ensures exceptional protection against dust, scratches, and blemishes. With crystal-clear transparency and a seamless edge design, these sleeves offer a clear view of your album covers and spines. Measuring 7.5" x 7.5" (19 x 19 cm), they are the perfect fit for your 7" LPs. 

The HumminGuru 7" Anti-Static Inner Record Sleeves is constructed from high-quality HDPE material, these sleeves feature a thickness of 1.5 MIL (0.04mm) and a round-bottom design, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Taking care of your vinyl records and creating a personal connection with your music can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Embrace the power of documentation, reminisce over the playback memory, and safeguard the longevity of your vinyl collection with the HumminGuru VinylShield.