About Us

HumminGuru was established in 2020 by Happy Well International Enterprise Limited, a manufacturing company with extensive experience in providing full service solution for OEM clients since 1999. Happy Well has also been involved in the creation and global sales of toy and infant products for over two decades.

The first product, the HumminGuru ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner, made waves in the industry with its successful Kickstarter campaign in February 2021. Surpassing its funding goal, the campaign raised over 3.6 million Hong Kong dollars, reaching over 259% of the initial funding target.

HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner Kickstarter Campaign

Driven by a commitment to pushing boundaries, HumminGuru continuously delivers innovative and affordable products that meet the needs of vinyl enthusiasts worldwide. Our focus is on providing a pleasant and convenient user experience, ensuring that every aspect of HumminGuru products is designed with the utmost attention to detail.

Over the past three years, HumminGuru products have gained significant popularity in overseas countries, earning the admiration of global users. We are honored to have received recognition from leading publications in the industry, including Hi-Fi Choice magazine, the-EAR, Lite-Magazin, HAUTE FIDÉLITÉ, Indie-eye, TONE magazine, VUMETRE, and more.

In addition, HumminGuru places great emphasis on delivering excellent after-sales service for our valued users. We value open communication and prompt responsiveness, ensuring that our users receive the support they need in a timely manner. Our dedication to customer satisfaction has been a driving force behind our growing popularity and the trust placed in our brand.

Our Factory

Happy Well owns and operates the factory in Zhuhai China that is established in 1988. With a total area of 45,000㎡ manufacturing plants, a team of over 1,000 employees, and the capability of processing 20+ product lines with well-equipped facilities, our ability to meet production deadlines and high product quality is assured.
Hong Feng Electric Plastic Toy Co. Ltd. OEM company