HumminGuru FAQs

About HG01 HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner

Will the cleaner be compatible with 110v?

Yes, the HumminGuru record cleaner supports all commonly used voltage standards from 100v-240v. 

Does it support 180g and 220g records?

Yes, the HumminGuru cleaner supports 180g and 220g vinyl records.

Can we clean the 78’ shellac record with HumminGuru Cleaner?

We do not recommend cleaning 78’ shellac records with an ultrasonic cleaning machine due to the fragility of the record type. If there is a minor crack on the 78’ shellac record, the ultrasonic bath may damage it further.

Is there a rinse cycle? 

There is no rinse cycle function. 

Does the HumminGuru cleaner blow hot air onto the record?

No, there is no heating system in the cleaner. 

How does it prevent external dust from blowing back onto the record?

The HumminGuru cleaner comes with a washable and replaceable air filter which is installed under the side panel of the machine to trap external particles occurred during the drying cycle. It is recommended to rinse the air filter with water on a regular basis and air dry it completely before use. Check the wearing status. Replace it with a new filter when it starts to wear out. 

Is a 40 kHz ultrasonic system sufficient? 

Applying a duo 40kHz ultrasonic system in the HumminGuru cleaner is powerful enough to remove the contaminants and dust on the vinyl record without causing damage. Please see explanation and learn more details here

Will the paper label on the record get wet during the cleaning cycle? 

No, the paper label on the record will not get wet during the washing cycle as long as users do NOT overfill the water basin with distilled water based on the record size. Please follow the water level indication for 12” and 7”/10" records on the removable water tank. We recommend users double checking the water level with the maintenance tool that comes with the HumminGuru cleaner. Notice: The water level guide is for your reference only. The optimal water level should be based on the distance from the edge of your record to the water level that is slightly above the outer ring of the dead wax area. Caution: DO NOT fill the water tank with water to a level exceeding 400ml. Failing to do so may result in water spills or leakage. 

What water temperature do you recommend for optimal cleaning results?

We recommend using warm distilled water between 25˚C to 35˚C that would enhance the surface tension effect for optimal cleaning results. Avoid adding water over 35˚C at the beginning of a cleaning cycle. Please keep in mind that the water temperature will slightly increase due to the nature of ultrasonic technology.

Any advice for cleaning a very dirty record?

In the case of records that are both moldy and have fingerprints, it is advisable to perform a pre-cleaning step using the HumminGuru I-Brush Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit before utilizing the HumminGuru cleaner. For users who would like to deep clean the record, please re-apply the 5 mins quick cleaning mode to clean as much as you need to, and then select the Auto Deep Cleaning mode to clean and dry the record for the last step.

My record does not get completely dry even after 10 minutes of drying.

Whether the record gets completely dry or not is subject to the condition of the vinyl record, the room temperature, and the relative humidity of the environment. If the setting II (10 mins) drying does not completely dry your records, please simply re-apply 5 mins/10 mins drying-only mode.

Will the water drainage operate only when the removable water tank is set in place?

Yes. Please ensure that you put the water tank with the lid back into the slot properly before starting any cycles.

Can I use an isopropanol mix or wetting agent with the HumminGuru Cleaner?

We recommend using distilled water with a few drops of HumminGuru ultrasonic record cleaning agent (The Small Bottle) to achieve optimal cleaning and drying efficacy. Please avoid using corrosive or flammable fluids. The user will be solely responsible for any damage resulted from using solutions that are not authorized by HumminGuru. 

Is it okay to use tap water or demineralized / de-ionized water for the machine?

We recommend using distilled water which is purified by boiling and re-condensing in the HumminGuru cleaner for the best cleaning result. We do not recommend using tap water as the limescale in tap water may leave residue on the pipes of the HumminGuru cleaner. However, it’s up to the hardness of the water in your region and thus please make your own judgment when using tap water at the user’s own responsibility. Even though demineralized / de-ionized water is indicated that (most of) its mineral content and salt ions are removed, the remaining particles would have the possibility to get stuck in between the grooves and may also leave residue on the pipes of the HumminGuru cleaner in the long-term usage. Please make your own judgment when using demi-water at the user’s own responsibility. 

Can I reuse the distilled water? After how many cleaning cycles do you recommend?

Yes, you can reuse the water until you obverse that the water is visibly dirty. It depends on the condition of your records and please make your own judgment. The washable and replaceable water filter is installed in the water tank to filter out large residue from the water during the cleaning cycle. It is recommended to rinse the filter with water on a regular basis and air dry it completely before use. Check the wearing status. Replace it with a new filter when it is visibly dirty and wear out. 

Does HumminGuru cleaner acquire any certification?

Yes.  HumminGuru has obtained CE, FCC, and Rohs certifications. 

Why does the machine not turn on even I pressed the power button? 

Please press the power button all the way until you hear a click sound for the machine to properly turn on. 

Can I use the aluminum foil to test with my HumminGuru?

We do not suggest users use aluminum foil to test with any ultrasonic cleaning machine. When the ultrasonic wave hits the foil, it will more/less dissolve the foil and create powder-like material. The such powder will sink to the bottom of the water basin and eventually increase the chance of clogging the tube of the draining system. Moreover, if it does not get cleaned thoroughly, it might affect the cleaning performance or induce damage to the record groove.

How come some of my 12" record is not rotating or not properly rotating during the operation cycle?

The record might be smaller than the standard size of the 12" record or the shape of the record is not consistent. Check out more detail here.


About HG010 HumminGuru S-DUO Pro

Would the S-DUO Pro be compatible with my cartridge?

We might not have the chance to test all kinds of cartridges with the HumminGuru S-DUO Pro. However, we have compiled a list of cartridges that had been tested with the current users of the S-DUO Pro. See the list here:

How do I determine which rubber support to use?

With 3 different rubber supports provide, test each of them by placing the cartridge on top of it. Make sure the cantilever is not leaning against the support and the needle not touching the base of the water basin.

What kind of liquid should I use to clean with the device?

Using distilled, demineralized, or de-ionized water is recommended. For any cleaning solutions, please refer to your stylus cartridge manufacturer for advice.

How often should I clean the water basin?

It is a good habit to wipe down excess water in the water basin after using the device.

Will it work on a linear turntable?

It depends on the flexibility of the cartridge on your linear turntable. The minimum height between the turntable and the stylus tip should be at least 1cm.


About HG07 HumminGuru I-Brush Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

When do I use the I-Brush for my records?

The I-Brush is designed for daily and easy cleaning, specifically to remove visible dust from vinyl records. It is not intended for cleaning the micro grooves of the records. Therefore, we highly recommend using the HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner in combination with the I-Brush to achieve a thoroughly cleaning of your records.

Where should I place my vinyl record for cleaning with the I-Brush?

The record should be placed on a flat surface in a dust-free area.

The vinyl record remains wet after being wiped with the (blue) drying pad of the I-Brush.

This is normal. The fiber cloth on the pad does not fully absorb the fluid, so it is recommended to allow a few minutes for air drying.

Can I play a record that is still slightly wet after being wiped with the (blue) drying pad?

No, it is not recommended to play a record that is still slightly wet. Please ensure that the record is completely air dried before playing it.

Can I use this cleaning fluid on SP records?

No, you should not apply this cleaning fluid on SP records. However, you can use the I-Brush alone to clean your SP record. Please note that this cleaning fluid is specifically designed for use on LP and EP records.

Does the record cleaning fluid contain alcohol?

No, the cleaning fluid is alcohol-free. We strongly advise against using alcohol in the record cleaning fluid. Vinyl records are made of PVC, a type of plastic, and alcohol can cause the PVC to deteriorate over time. Alcohol can dissolve or soften the PVC material, resulting in warping, distortion, or the development of visible pits on the record surface.

What are the functions of the dual pads of the I-Brush?

The dual pads serve separate purposes for wetting and drying. The wetting pad is designed to apply the cleaning fluid and effectively clean the record surface. The drying pad, on the other hand, is responsible for absorbing remaining moisture or cleaning residue. This design minimizes the risk of cross-contamination and ensure a thorough cleaning process.

Why not use the spraying method?

Our unique design, featuring a filler line on the brush holder, offers an alternative method for applying the cleaning agent. This design allows for optimal absorption of the cleaning fluid onto the brush pad, ensuring efficient and even distribution without the need for spraying. By avoiding the spraying method, we prevent the risk of the cleaning agent spreading uncontrollably and potentially causing damage to other components.


About Shipping and Customs 

I don’t find my country when I check out.      

Currently we only ship to Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, Ireland, Austria, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Ukraine, Serbia, Poland, Czechia, Romania, Estonia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, South Africa, Croatia, Cyprus, Iceland. 

Will there be an import tax imposed on the cleaner?

Yes, customer will be solely responsible for the import fees & tax, customs duty, commissions/handling charges imposed on the goods. Please note that NO refund if the recipient fails to pay the import fees/tax/customs duty/third party commission charges/any additional handling charges in full before or on delivery that causes the abandonment of the package or return of the goods. 

How many days do I expect to receive my package?

With FedEx Express, international shipping usually takes 4 to 10 days for your package to arrive. With SF Express, it usually takes 3-5 days to reach Taiwan/HK/Macau. However, please expect a slower delivery and longer wait time during the shipping peak season. 

I was planning to purchase four units, but it does not allow me to check out. What happened?

A maximum of 3 Ultrasonic record cleaners can be purchased per order due to the fact that HumminGuru can only ship a maximum of 3 cleaners in one carton box each time. For customers who would like to purchase more than 3 cleaners, please submit another order from The maximum order weight is 22kg. Please check in the product section for each product's weight.


About Payment 

What Payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Shop Pay, Google Pay, Apple pay, PayPal.



I lost my user’s manual. Where can I download?

Please download HumminGuru’s user manual here. English and Chinese version only.