A Quick Tip!

A Quick Tip!

“Some of my 12” records are not turning in the HumminGuru cleaner. Why and what should I do?” Some HumminGuru users have been asking this question and we are here to explain and offer some tips that will easily solve the issues.

Some LPs do not spin at all or rotate properly in the HumminGuru, and one of the reasons can be that some LPs are indeed running smaller in size than the standard 12” records. In general, the actual dimension of a standard 12” record is between 300mm to 302mm. However, some LPs had been turned to oval shape due to bad pressings that cause it less than 300mm in dimension while some are wrapped records due to incorrect storage during production or at the retail store. Therefore, these LPs do not dock on the rotation wheels as a result of the deviation in dimension.

Here’s a tip when it happens frequently to some users. Identify the Rotation Wheel 1 that is located on the left side of the machine, hold the top and the bottom edge of the wheel, and apply some force to pull it out horizontally. Simply find an EVA pad which is about 1mm thickness, or a double-sided foam tape. Stick it on the back of the Rotation Wheel 1, and then take the wheel with the number 1 facing up and insert it back into the slot horizontally. The trick is to adjust the position of the Wheel 1 and let it sit very slightly further out. Remind that the EVA pad/foam tape shall not be more than 2mm in thickness and cover the bottom groove. You might also use the EVA black sticker provided in the replacement kit. There should be two in each kit. 


Furthermore, check if the LP is properly docked centered on
 the Wheel 1 and the water basin filter slot. Take the rotation wheels out and check if the wheels rotate smoothly. If it is not, the replacement of the wheels is required. Hope you find the tips helpful!

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and have a Magical holiday season!

Love & Peace,
HumminGuru Team

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Working my way through my vinyl, the machine started making noises and not moving, dismayed, I found this fantastic fix! :)

Kevin Thompson

Working perfect, I love this machine


Thanks! It worked beautifully.


Thank you Very much for the tip and the inclusion of the sticky pad!!
I LOVE this Robot and I’m so happy to be cleaning again! 5 Stars!!!!!!! :D

David Stanton

Take a barbecue sticks (round) stick it into the hole in the disc (12 inches) and insert the disc into the machine as you normally would. The disc will spin smoothly. To prevent the barbecue sticks from moving, apply small adhesive thicknesses on the edge of the machine to keep it in position.

Vincenzo Gambatesa

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