HumminGuru- Powerful & Gentle

HumminGuru- Powerful & Gentle

The HumminGuru is an ultrasonic cleaning machine with two-transducer operating at a frequency of 40kHz and a power output of 45 Watts. Some may question its ability to penetrate the grooves of vinyl record and achieve effective cleaning. To address this concern, let’s delve into the design elements that make it possible.

The structural design of the HumminGuru is specifically tailored to the chosen ultrasonic frequency and power. One of the key design features of the HumminGuru cleaner is the utilization of a single-unit ultrasonic stainless steel water basin. Unlike machines assembled from various parts, the HumminGuru’s structural design minimizes energy loss that may arise from the use of assembled components. By reducing energy loss, the cleaner maximizes the effectiveness of the ultrasonic cleaning process, ensuring optimal operation within a closed-loop system.

Furthermore, a critical aspect of the design is the proximity between the vinyl record's surface and the water basin wall, which is a mere 10mm (a little over 3/8 inch). This close distance allows the transducer to generate ultrasonic cavitation directly onto the record's surface, effectively removing dirt and grime from vinyl records at the 40kHz frequency within a 10mm distance in a closed-loop basin.

HumminGuru is engineered to deliver effective cleaning without risking damage to the delicate materials of the records. After countless rounds of testing, it is verified that this specific structural design, combined with the lower power and the chosen frequency, achieves powerful cleaning while remaining safe for all types of records, especially older ones. 

To further enhance the cleaning experience, it is highly recommended using the proprietary surfactant called The Small Bottle. This non-alcoholic, gentle cleaning formula breaks the water's surface tension, enabling deeper penetration into the record's grooves during ultrasonic cleaning. It also reduces drying time, making it particularly beneficial in humid environments. Based on feedback from thousands of satisfied HumminGuru users, The Small Bottle has proven to be highly effective in eliminating surface noises, pops, fingerprints, and even greasy surfaces.

The Small Bottle

The design elements of the HumminGuru, including the closed-loop basin and close proximity, enhance its ability to penetrate the record grooves. The HumminGuru cleaner’s lower wattage and 40kHz cleaning frequency, coupled with its structural design, ensures powerful and effective solution for delivering excellent cleaning performance while safeguards the longevity of your cherished records.


Love & Peace,

The HumminGuru Team. 

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Hello Humminguru
Is the rumor true that you are working on an update version with automatic refilling?
Humminguru Version 2 or Degritter Light.
I would be very happy if that should be true.


Hallo, ab wann können Sie die Bedienungsanleitung in Deutsch anbieten. Das wäre sehr hilfreich.

Hermann-Josef Hoffmann

There has been a lot of shade thrown at Humminguru by the big names who dominate the market with VER expensive machines.
Information as presented in this article is critical to know in order to make an informed decision.
This information was enough to make me place my order today.
Thank you.

Rich Himes

Got mine from the kickstarter. Use it on a daily basis! I couldn’t be without the HumminGuru!

Lewis Waddington

Had mine for over a year now. Best investment ever for my small record shop. I get many compliments on the condition of the LP’s sold. I’m getting ready to purchase a second one. Thank you HG team for creating this amazing machine.

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