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HumminGuru The Small Bottle

HumminGuru The Small Bottle

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The Small Bottle is a unique formula that enhances record cleaning efficacy. Designed for ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner. It does not contain any alcohol. 

This is a must-have product! Use The Small Bottle to optimize your cleaning experience with the HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner. This gentle, non-alcoholic ultrasonic cleaning formula helps to break the water’s surface tension, enabling greater groove penetration during ultrasonic cleaning. It can magically reduce drying time, especially in humid environments. Just a 30ml bottle can be used to clean more than 1000 records! 

Inside the Package

  • 30ml Ultrasonic Cleaning Agent


2-3 drops per 400 ml water tank of HumminGuru ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner. 


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The processing time will be about 7-14 days 

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