NEW! HumminGuru I-Brush: The Must-Have Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

NEW! HumminGuru I-Brush: The Must-Have Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit

We’re thrilled to unveil our latest creation, the HumminGuru I-Brush, available at a retail price of HK$129.00/US$16! The HumminGuru I-Brush, accompanied by the included anti-static, non-alcoholic record cleaning fluid, is an indispensable tool for record enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you require a quick, gentle pre-clean before playing your records or a deep clean in an ultrasonic bath. The I-Brush record cleaning kit features an innovative design and remarkable features that will elevate your cleaning routine with ease and efficiency.


  1. Safe for use on LP/EP records.
  2. Ultra-soft velvet brush with dual pads for separate wetting and drying functions.
  3. The unqiue fluid filler design enables optimal and even absorption of non-alcoholic cleaning solution onto the brush pad. The filler line has precise cleaning fluid amount. Simply press the pad for quick, even absorption. No spraying needed!
  4. Easy-grip handle design.
  5. Brush holder for air drying and storage. Includes wiper for dust removal and pads cleaning.
  6. Including a dropper bottle with anti-statics alcoholic-free vinyl record cleaning fluid to dissolve fingerprints, dirt, and grime safely and efficiently.

HumminGuru I-Brush

The I-Brush features ultra-velvet dual pads that serve separate wetting and drying functions, effectively minimizing the risk of cross-contamination. The wetting pad (orange) is specifically designed to absorb and hold the cleaning fluid, ensuring even distribution across the record surface. This wetting process guarantees thorough coverage and efficient removal of dust, dirt, grime, and fingerprints. Then, the drying pad (blue) takes over and its primary role is to absorb any remaining moisture or cleaning residue, leaving the record dry and primed for playback.

Another notable feature of the I-Brush is its hassle-free fluid filler design incorporated into the brush holder, which allows for optimal absorption on the pads. The filler line is designed to hold the precise amount of cleaning fluid needed. This design enables users to conveniently dip the pad into the fluid, ensuring quick and even absorption. Unlike other market products that rely on the fluid spraying method, the I-Brush prevents excess fluid from being applied, ensuring that the pad absorbs just the right amount for effective and safe cleaning. This unique fluid filler design eliminates the need for spraying, making the cleaning process more straightforward and efficient while providing 100% protection for the record label. 

But that’s not all! With the brush holder doubling as a drying and storage solution, and the built-in wiper simplifying dust removal and pad cleaning, the I-Brush offers added convenience and practicality! After using the I-Brush to clean the records, simply brush the pad against the wiper to remove any accumulated dust and dirt. Rinse the I-Brush with water and place the pads upward on the brush holder, allowing them to air dry completely before storage or the next cleaning session.

Experience the HumminGuru I-Brush and discover a new level of record maintenance that is efficient, effective, and user-friendly. It’s designed to make your record cleaning routine a breeze, so you can spend more time enjoying your music. Let the I-Brush lead the way to preserving and enjoying your vinyl collection to the fullest!

Love & Peace,
HumminGuru Team.