A Yes for The S-DUO

A Yes for The S-DUO

Dear HumminGuru People, 

We sincerely appreciate your time to follow closely the progress of our upcoming project, the HumminGuru S-DUO. During these days, our team never stopped figuring out the ways to move forward. Through many rounds of meetings, we worked on project evaluation to pave the way to project improvement. After all this preparation, we are confident in making and launching the HumminGuru S-DUO to the market. Here we are to proudly announce that the S-DUO product development will be continued. 

At the present time, our designer and engineers have started to evaluate the product design and performance for further refinement. In the coming months, we are eager to share the journey with you. We will keep you updated about the progress regularly and more interesting stories/events through our social media platforms and newsletter on www.humminguru.com. We strive to release the product by the end of 2022. The project timeline will be created and given in our next update.  

We are thankful for your continued support towards HumminGuru. It is our honor to have you connect with us on this exciting project. Thank You! 
Love & Peace,
HumminGuru Team.

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let me know more about your new product


This is my first reading about their NEW product. Is this just an upgrade over the Humming Guru? thanks in advance

Bruce Towell

Please advise me when it is launched.

Zsolt Jóbai

notify me when it’s launched

yutthana chanphong

Will buy it once it is launched

Uncle Wong

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