ALL Kickstarter Rewards SHIPPED

ALL Kickstarter Rewards SHIPPED

Give ourselves a BIG round of applause! We Did It and ALL rewards are shipped out.

When backing a venture on Kickstarter, it all comes down to trust. It’s all about trust that connects all of us in this place. Together, we have been keeping our faith for over a year. Thank you for believing in us. We couldn’t have done this without you!

We would also like to give a SPECIAL thanks to our crew for their contribution and dedication. These behind-the-scenes people are our product designers, engineers, the procurement team, the assembly workers, QA &QC managers, the shipping crew, our suppliers, our courier partner, and many more. From idealization to realization, we learned so much from mistakes, embracing them as opportunities to learn, change, and improve along the way. Worked hard together competitively and under pressure over two years, our team had done our best to create a quality product at a reasonable price for the vinyl community and keep our promise to deliver the HumminGuru at its best to your homes around the globe. We wish that the HumminGuru ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner will become your favorite companion.

HumminGuru World Map

We are always open to questions. If you need anything, we’re an email away. Also, feel free to join the conversation in our Facebook group---HumminGuru Users and Fans Club and connect with more #HumminGuruPeople!

The HumminGuru journey will come to an end on Kickstarter. Yet it’s not an ending, but a new start toward a bright future.

HumminGuru Thank you

Cheers to all HumminGuru People!

Love & Peace,

HumminGuru Team.

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Awesome guys!!!

Now it’s time to get the official release purchases shipped!


Looking forward to getting mine!

Patrick Tremblay

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