Do it all the way

Do it all the way

The product development of HumminGuru has not been easy. As the project keeps ongoing, hidden issues and challenges often appear during the procurement, mold tooling, and product testing phase. We are now going through the most important stage in which to identify problematic issues during the sample testing and trial phases, and apply continuous improvement to the product. Our engineers have been spending great effort to adjust our solution approach and keep re-testing it to ensure the performance stability of the product. We had taken a video of chalk testing using HumminGuru ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner and would love to share with you.


The mold tooling modification is finished and all plastic housing production is now completed. And, the trial production will be arranged on 25th- 30th of September. Meanwhile, we are waiting to receive the testing results from the testing lab approximately by the end of September. Our team is striving to do our best to start delivery by November for the pre-orders. We have already done the transport simulation test to make sure that the product is well protected during transportation.

The official release will be on November.

As much as you do, our team has been very eagerly looking forward to the day that HumminGuru cleaners arrive at your doorstep. We would like to thank you for joining the HumminGuru journey with us and we will go all the way with it.

Love & Peace,

HumminGuru Team.

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Where can I find pricing and place an order please?

Andrew Challis

When will we be able to pre order?
And if it’s due to come out in November when will it ship and when will it arrive to New York?


It’s a long way to Tipperary! Dust and lime has been accumulated on my Lp’s tracks. Beer, coffee and spanish salami chorizo and vino stems have been lovingly sprayed on my vinyls. I can’t help to enjoy the humming flaps dawning a new brave analogic sound!! Please, work fine and calm to succeed soon to ship sooner and sooner.
Thanksalotttt to the team!!!


Are pre-orders available still? Very interested in your product. Cheers!

Michael Allums

Please forward a pre-order sales sheet. I would like to order one. Thanks so much!


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