Go behind the scenes

Go behind the scenes

Whoever is supporting this project by any means, has become a part of the HumminGuru project. It is our honor to walk you through the process of creating HumminGuru. Certainly, there have been achievements and challenges along the way. In later articles, we are happy to share more interesting stories behind the scenes! 


HumminGuru Project Behind the Scene

So, WHAT goes on now?

For the past two months, a lot of hard work and execution have been going on behind the scenes. In the product development process from ideation to release, new insights are generated daily and conditions are constantly changing. To keep the production plan on track, it involves active participation, effective communication, and contributions from multiple parties. It also requires careful coordination and attention to the smallest detail.

Our team has spent quite some time working on the owner’s manual and packaging design and now they are completed and sent off to printers. On the other hand, our procurement team has been evaluating suppliers, materials, and services, negotiating contracts, and ensuring that approved purchases from external suppliers comply with the quality standard and delivery target. That was a long listing of procurement items that it took some time to negotiate with and select vendors to acquire the procurement items. By far, 95% of procurement items are confirmed and 30% of the materials are already delivered to the manufacturing plant. Our team is as excited as you are about the trial production once all materials arrive soon.

We also want you to know that the injection mold texture process is completed that the sample machine has a matte surface finish on plastic parts! The samples are sent out to testing labs for certification last week and the process generally takes 20-25 days from the day of receipt. Meanwhile, pre-orders are closed on July 31st and we would like to thank each and every one of you for your supports and trust. The official release of the product will be around this fall.

Quoted from one of our backers, saying

“Thank you for all updates and information. It is fun and unique to see the project develop and move towards the day when this cleaner arrives on my doorstep on the other side of the world.”

Here, we take this opportunity of expressing our sincere appreciation for your following and interest in HumminGuru. We are halfway there.

Love & Peace,

HumminGuru Team.  

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