Official release in coming Fall

It’s Coming to Life

October is an exciting month, for we’ve lots to do! Trial runs before moving to manufacture, helping troubleshoot possible machining issues in full production. In September, our team remained focus on sample testing and production trial runs. It was a tremendous team effort and everyone pulled their weight. The good news is that the trial production was successfully completed in the end of September! As it is planned, mass production will be arranged in October and then start to send off the pre-orders by coming November.


 HumminGuru Trial Production


Kindly reminder:

The deadline for changing the delivery address is October 22nd, 2021. 

Please contact us as soon as possible if needed. 


Love & Peace,


HumminGuru Team. 


  • How do I pre order one please

    Andrew Moore
  • how do I pre order your record cleaner??

    Dale Stanton
  • I pre-ordered the first opportunity! Can’t wait!

    Craig Lafferty
  • Does this machine eliminate the usual practice of 1.) dry clean first, remove dust -——-then 2.) wet clean?

    Bruce Towell
  • I can’t wait to buy one as soon as possible.


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