New Kickstarter Project Launching Soon!

New Kickstarter Project Launching Soon!

HumminGuru S-DUO

HumminGuru S-DUO will be launching on Kickstarter

on February 25th, 2022! 

Last year, the born of our first Kickstarter project, HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner, has changed the lives of many audiophiles. To continue serving our global vinyl community, we have been looking into other aspects that also play an important role in analog sound quality. 

To enjoy the best audio sound, proper and regular record cleaning becomes very essential, but keeping the stylus clean is just as important. Even though ultrasonic cleaning has proven to be a very effective and economical way to remove the contaminants with minimum risks of damage, applying ultrasonic technology in stylus cleaning is not a typical method and such products are rarely found in the existing market. The HumminGuru S-DUO, an ultrasonic cleaner specifically designed for turntable stylus, will define a new way to enhance the cleaning performance and overall experience.

HumminGuru S-DUO is a compact device that combines ultrasonic cleaning and digital pressure gauge in one place for the care of the turntable stylus. With smartly-designed 2-in-1 feature, it does both steps of stylus cleaning and downforce measuring in one go. The whole process is effortless and only takes the user less than a minute to complete. Its easy & quick operation, convenient use, storage, and portability make the cleaning experience seamless and pleasurable.



SUPPORT US to make it real for the global vinyl community! Thank you. 

Love & Peace,

HumminGuru Team

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Lots of style and absolutely interested.

Craig Larson

Hi I have your ultrasonic record cleaner, it’s pretty good and I’m happy with it.

I am amazed that an auktasonic cleaner for stylus use has not been produced more widely since the Audio Technica AT637 ultra sonic stylus cleaner which I still use. This is a contemporary, stylish and useful addition. Id like to learn more about its efficacy but im interested in the kick starter on this.

Gerald Holley

I’m in. This is very interesting. Looking forward to learn more details about it when it launches on Kickstarter.

Chris Jones

I am interested.

Marcus Karl

That sounds very interesting; what is the maximum downforce weight which can be measured – specially for DJ cartridges ?

Juergen Grau

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