Necessary Tools to Keep Record in Shape

Necessary Tools to Keep Record in Shape

Hello Summer!

With HumminGuru, Record gets cleaner. Music gets clearer. Life gets better.

We are gratified to receive positive comments from TONE Audio Magazine on our HumminGuru products.

“…For just under US$400, HumminGuru (record cleaner) is a benchmark. It works flawlessly, and makes ultrasonic cleaning available to everyone…Power to the people, right on. it’s the quietest RCM I’ve ever used. HumminGuru is super compact…so easy to use, and records are now pop-free, low-level surface noise is eliminated or lowered dramatically, and even brand-new records sound much better. 

S-DUO sets the mark for giving you a digital stylus force gauge and an ultrasonic stylus cleaner all in one compact enclosure. Comparing the HumminGuru to my much more expensive Clearaudio Weight Watcher proves it to be right in terms of accuracy. Both read the same downforce on five turntables in a row, from a Rega P3 up to the SME 20…

…Considering what records cost these days, these are two vinyl maintenance tools you can’t afford to be without. Highly recommended.”

Summer means happy times and good sunshine. Let your soul and spirit fly! Save your energy on record cleaning and let HumminGuru do the job for you.

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