Product Release, S-DUO

Product Release, S-DUO

We’re HumminGuru.

We focus on the creation of products that serve and benefit all lovers of analog music with simple design, optimum quality, and value.

From idea sketches to final market launch, the process is challenging but it is worth doing when we can visualize how much the vinyl community will benefit from this new product, the HumminGuru S-DUO. This Ultrasonic Stylus Cleaner with a built-in Aluminum Digital Pressure Gauge is specially designed for the care of your stylus with optimal cleaning effectiveness and minimal hassles. 

The pre-order sale was very successful and we want to express our gratitude to our supporters. We know how long you’ve been staying with us. Our HumminGuru community is incredibly socially active. We eagerly look forward to receiving more feedback and reviews from our current S-DUO users! Hashtag #humminguru on Facebook group/Instagram, or leave your review here.

The S-DUO is available for sale TODAY.


*we’re just an email away if you need us at anytime.

You have our Deepest Thanks.


Love & Peace,

HumminGuru Team.

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Tried to order s duo and site wanted 1100.00$


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