The Beginning of “HumminGuru” Journey

The Beginning of “HumminGuru” Journey

Ideas come alive when you hold the faith in them, start doing, and put them out into the world. There comes a time after all the drafts, revisions, and prototypes to present the idea of “HumminGuru”. Put it out there on Kickstarter and see how it evolves and becomes an even better product. Actively engaging with the global vinyl community throughout the campaign period and seeing advice and different voices as opportunities to build upon the idea. To give HumminGuru life, we take meaningful risks to execute the production schedule and make an effort to keep the plan on track.


The production timeline 

 HumminGuru | Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner production timeline

Our team has been concentrating on the mold tooling development of the HumminGuru Vinyl Record Cleaner for the past two months. Now, the first phase of mold development is completed. The next move will be testing and modifying the molds for the next 30-40 days. In the meanwhile, building the working samples to test the performance, reliability, and durability will be implemented.

HumminGuru Mold Tooling

The mold for the main housing of the HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner


The road from inspiration to realization will be full of challenges and mistakes, but embracing them as opportunities to learn will lead us to go further.

Now, it is just the beginning of the journey. Stay with us.

Love & Peace,
HumminGuru Team. 


HumminGuru Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner Pre-order


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This is great news, I can’t wait to try out my Humminguru ultrasonic record cleaner.
Not long too go now!


Thank you for taking the time to ensure that the first production batch works perfectly. I am looking forward to receiving my unit later in the year.

Joe Embleton

I am interested in purchasing one of your machines.when will they be ready?
Thank you.


Thank you for the update! I’m in the early pre-order camp and have been wondering how the process is going.

Craig Lafferty

When will you have a distributor for the U.S market..Do you need help to find a U.S Distributor ?

Daniel A Martinez
M&S Marketing and Consulting

Daniel A Martinez

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