S-DUO 1st sample Coming Next!

S-DUO 1st sample Coming Next!

A short update! The mold builds for the HumminGuru S-DUO are completed on schedule, and we are currently working on tooling trials and adjustments. These typically take a few weeks, and our team will make effort to check the parts being made in trials and fix the issues. We can’t wait to show you the 1st sample VERY soon.

The packaging design and the user manual are completed and will be finalized by next month.

In the meantime, Stay Hydrated and Have Fun in summertime!

Love & Peace,

HumminGuru Team.

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want to have a trial asap. If ready to launch, please let me know, thanks


Great work!
Will there be any pre-order period? Don’t wanna miss it.


Well done. Love the creativity ! Looking forward to test the performance.


Nice Packaging! I look forward to it.

Sue N.

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