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About Us

Happy Well International Enterprise Limited is a manufacturing company that carries out full service from design to distribution under one entity for the OEM clients since 1999. We provide CAD & CAM services, prototype testing, development of injection mold, manufacturing, assembly, packaging, bulk shipments, and fulfillment from our warehouses of the manufacturing plant located in Zhuhai, China. Our core team has about 30 years of rich experience in engineering and manufacturing at scale, and we have been serving clients worldwide.

We start with electronic toy making, and gradually expand to other types of product making over the years. Current OEM products include tablets, coffee machines, ultrasonic vinyl record cleaners, small kitchen gadgets, and more. Through the years, we have worked closely with renowned companies mainly from the US, Australia, and Japan. We manage to build stable relationships with our clients with good communication, affordable prices, responsive support, and fast lead time. In manufacturing, we maintain a good reputation and high customer satisfaction. 


  1. Design & Engineering 
    We help our clients to design and create production 3D models with CAD softwares. To fully support our clients, our experienced engineers will provide quality advice on the plastic parts designs and material selection promptly throughout the process. We are aware that this is a crucial phase in which we can help our clients reduce overall costs. Thus, our team will follow the project closely and suggest improvements that help to reduce design changes after molds are built and shorten lead times. 
  2. Prototypes & Sampling
    Before going into mass production, prototyping is useful to help visualize a finished product and correct early design flaws. Our experienced engineers will guide our client for the prototyping needs and generally we build the prototypes with 3D printing and CNC tools. Prototyping is highly suggested as it is affordable, quick, and allows for a very low quantity. 
  3. Plastic Injection Molds
    After client part designs are finalized and approved for manufacturing, our knowledgeable designers and machinists will be working with our local reliable mold-making partners on the mold build project. Given the 3D models, we will collaborate with skilled mold designers to design and make the high-quality built mold for production. The lead times for mold builds usually take about 45 to 70 days as our experts will continuously work on testing and modifying the molds for plastic injection.
  4. Custom Injection Molding 
    Our company has more than 30 years of experience in injection molding and in-house production. The injection molding machines range from 88tons to 368tons. Depending on the product requirement, injection-molded parts will be arranged or packaged accordingly for the next phase of production. 
  5. Assembly & Fulfillment
    We provide full service for our clients, from components to finished products with packaging. 
      • Product Assembly
      • Plastic Ultrasonic Welding
      • Pad printing
      • Painting
      • plastic blister packaging and stamping
      • Color Box Packaging
      • Shipping and packing

The Right Team

You will work with THE TEAM that has been successfully running Kickstarter campaigns and managing successful product launches under a newly established brand “HumminGuru” with good quality products and customer service. We have a diverse team with a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and experiences. It will be our honor to have you meet our original industrial and product designer of HumminGuru products, a group of 20 years+ experienced engineers, professional project managers, strategic marketers, and more skilled workers behind the scene.

Active listening to market needs and the capacity to respond quickly are the keys to success in today’s competitive world. From product concept to manufacturing, our team is competent to build good design with great user experience, but more importantly to cope with unexpected issues and keep the product delivery on track.  


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