New Product, S-DUO

New Product, S-DUO

Proudly announce that HumminGuru is releasing a New product this year, the S-DUO. 


A compact, portable ultrasonic cleaning device with a built-in digital pressure gauge for the care of your turntable stylus. With a carefully selected 110kHz ultrasonic cleaning frequency, it only takes 20 seconds to achieve safe and effective cleaning results without abrasion to the delicate stylus tip. Besides, the S-DUO scale is made of non-magnetic aluminium and factory pre-calibrated for high accuracy measurements with the tolerance of +/-0.01 g. Learn more here. 


Features of S-DUO


It is highly compatible with different types of cartridges with stylus rubber supports provided. Download the paper model (A4 size / Letter sizeto test the compatibility of your turntable stylus on the HumminGuru S-DUO before purchase is recommended. The instruction is easy to follow. 


S-DUO stylus support


Its convenient use makes the cleaning experience effortless when you can just flip the device around to measure the downforce right after the ultrasonic bath. Pre-order starts on October 1st, 2022. Expected delivery by the end of November 2022. 




Love & Peace,

HumminGuru Team. 

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Hi there! Could you please tell me which rubber support/s from S-Duo could fit Ortofon MC20 super SE stylus, thanks!

Simon Lee

The Best Product!
Get it and Try it

Dooyoung Bang

Steve: No.1 and 3 will be compatible with Ortofon 2M cartridges.

Eric: As long as the cartridge can rest on top of the rubber support and the stylus tip not touching the base of the water basin, it should be fine.


Which rubber support would a Ortifon 2M Blue cartridge use?

Steve Hentzelman

Is the S-DUO compatible with Decca and London pickups, which have no cantilever?

Eric Jerde

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