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Effective cleaning on the records does make the sounds more impactful on a visceral level, and that’s what matters to every analog music lover. What is your method to clean your vinyl records? Either using the HumminGuru ultrasonic vinyl record cleaner or any other cleaning methodology, they are fully respected. Whichever truly meets your need, do what works best for you.

With HumminGuru cleaner, one of the most frequently asked questions would be “do you recommend a cleaning solution in the HumminGuru? Does it void the warranty?”

We highly recommend using distilled water for rinsing the records, and the use of corrosive or flammable solutions should be avoided to keep the warranty. To optimize our user experience with the HumminGuru, we have released The Small Bottle which has been tested continuously in the HumminGuru record cleaner before the launch.

It is a gentle ultrasonic cleaning formula that will break the water’s surface tension and enable greater groove penetration for ultrasonic cleaning. More importantly, 2-3 drops of the fluid per 400ml water tank will magically reduce the drying time, even in a humid environment.

It is an Alcohol-Free surfactant. Such a small bottle of 30ml can be used to clean more than 800 records! It definitely adds a greater value to the overall cleaning experience with HumminGuru.

Using water only or the extra mix? Take a chance to try out what works for you!

HumminGuru The Small Bottle

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Reducing the surface tension is very helpfull to improve the drying time significantly. Also improves cleaning slightly. Very recommended!

Michael Körner

Love to have the record cleaner, how can I buy @ the promo price please?

Adam Guy

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